Benefits Committee-Staff Council - Carnegie Mellon University

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Benefits Committee

Chair:       Jessica Owens


Treci Bonime
Christa Cardone
Christine Ferguson
Thom Gulish
Shannon Konek
Sebastian Lacy
Ann Papuga
David Reinoehl
Kim Sestili
Vivek Shastry
Eileen Simeone
Sarah Suiter
Russell Yount

This committee researches and discusses specific benefits included in the Carnegie Mellon staff benefits package. Usually these issues, questions, or calls for action regarding benefits are presented to the committee by staff members.

Sometimes the Faculty Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate or the university's Department of Human Resources will present issues/proposals to the Staff Council Benefits Committee regarding certain benefits. When it has been decided that action should be taken by Staff Council regarding a benefit, the committee will present a proposal to Staff Council for a vote by representatives.

Recently, the committee initiated the following health-supporting activities for Staff Council: free exercise program for staff and faculty, free Meditation Group, and the free Walking Club.

Updated Nov. 12, 2014