Qatar-Staff Council - Carnegie Mellon University

Qatar Staff Council Committee

Chair: TBA

Carrie Chisholm
Matt D'Emilio
John Lanyon
Pattye Stragar

The Qatar Staff Council Committee was created following Mr. Lanyon's and Ms. Stragar's visit to CMU-Qatar at the invitation of CMU-Q and the Qatar Foundation in 2013.  The interpersonal contacts, activities and discussions that took place during the visit and those planned by this ad hoc committee are intended to enhance and maintain communication between staff on the campuses, and increase Staff Council's awareness of the unique challenges encountered by CMU-Q staff.

CMU-Q Adopts Walking Wednesdays

'Walking Wednesdays' was launched in 2010 by CMU-Pittsburgh's Athletics Department to encourage all members of the campus community to take a break from work and walk together during lunch time either around the stadium track or in the gym. In 2014, CMU-Qatar launched its own Walking Wednesdays program and has already attracted many participants.

cmu q walking wednesday

Updated Jan. 24, 2014