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About Us

About Us

What is Staff Council?

Staff Council is a volunteer organization comprised of staff from across the University.

How Does Staff Council Benefit Me?

Staff Council provides a forum for you to voice the concerns of staff.  Members work closely with Carnegie Mellon administrators to address current issues and develop the best solutions for the majority of staff.  Staff Council is a great way to meet new people and learn about important issues that face the University.

How Does Staff Council Operate?

Staff Council representatives are elected for a two-year term. We meet on the third Thursday of each month at noon.  Representatives are expected to actively participate in meetings and on standing committees. They are responsible for maintaining the communication link between Staff Council and staff. Staff Council Officers are elected at the General Body meeting each May.

What Do Committees Do?

Committees work on issues and prepare recommendations to the council. Staff Council standing committees are: Benefits, Communications, Constitution, Elections, Food Drive, Relations & Grievance Advisory, Kennywood, Rewards & Recognition, Take Our Daughters/Sons to Work, Sustainability and Wellness.

Staff Council Duties and Responsibilities

There are three main responsibilities of a staff council representative:

  1. Communication with Constituents

    The Staff Council representative’s most important role is to serve as a conduit to your constituents, providing important information about opportunities for personal and professional development, ways to become more involved on campus, and university policies which affect staff members.
  2. Service on a Committee

    The work of Staff Council is accomplished through committees. A committee structure is a time- honored way to spread the responsibilities among all members. You are required to serve on one standing committee, but you are free to serve on additional committees.
  3. Attendance at Meetings

    Be present at General Body meetings so that you remain informed for your constituents. Absence from four meetings within the Staff Council business year (August – July) without appropriate notice is cause for dismissal from Council. Prior notice about an absence should be directed to the president and/or secretary.