Wireless Innovators-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

CMU SV Wireless Innovators

Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley Wireless Innovators is a new amateur radio association for CMU Silicon Valley students, staff and affiliates.

Our group call sign is W6CMU (443.825 PL100 +5MHz offset)

Email: wi@sv.cmu.edu
Web: http://wi.sv.cmu.edu
Twiki: https://info.sv.cmu.edu/do/view/CurriculumLogistics/W6CMUWirelessInnovators

March 2015 On Campus Class

W6CMU will offer an intensive five-session evening class that will quickly prepare you to become an active wireless innovator and get your first level license – Technician. Class will meet Monday and Wednesday evenings, 6:30-9pm in room 118.

Classes will run March 2, 4, 16, 23, and 25, and instructors will include several experienced "hams": Ervin Teng (KK6HAJ, General), Maxim Kovalev (KK6HAI, General), Bob Iannucci (W6EI, Extra), Martin Griss (KJ6MIN, Extra), David Witkowski (W6DTW, Extra), and Patrick Tague (W6PDT, General).

License test: After the class is over, we'll point you to a variety of opportunities to take your license test, and we may even arrange to have the whole group test together.

Sign up: Contact 73 de Bob, W6EI

Goals and Activities

  • Encourage learning and experimentation with radio and computation, allowing both traditional ham and emergency response activities, and also proactively enabling and encouraging novel uses of wireless + computers  + sensors.
  • Encourage our students to get appropriate licenses, use the ham shack, learn about the technologies and practices, and experiment with novel wireless systems.
  • Run appropriate classes and small workshops and host meetups.
  • Participate in regional wireless-related events.


May 2014 — received ARRL charter of affiliation; W6CMU is now a duly affiliated society of the American Radio Relay League, the national amateur radio association

March 2014 — featured on CMU.edu home page: "Hamming it up"

February 2014 — Derek Kozel's appointment as Santa Clara Valley ARRL assistant section manager highlighted on the CMU-SV Blog

December 2013 — featured on CMU-SV News site: "Campus 'ham' association promotes exciting new uses for radio"

November 2013 — adopted current constitution [PDF] at general assembly meeting


  • Ahmed Bougacha, KK6HAP (general), president 
  • Derek Kozel, AG6PO (extra), technical operations manager; Santa Clara Valley ARRL Assistant Section Manager 
  • Rishik Dhar, KK6HAO (general), secretary-treasurer 
  • Bob Iannucci, W6EI (extra), trustee; Palo Alto CERT 
  • Martin Griss, KJ6MIN (extra), faculty advisor; Mountain View CERT 
  • Patrick Tague, W6PDT (general), faculty advisor 
  • David Witkowski, W6DTW (extra), external advisor; President WCA

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