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CMU-SV Annual Tech Showcase

In conjunction with the annual alumni reception, CMU's Silicon Valley campus holds an annual Tech Showcase where faculty, researchers and students present current research to alumni and friends of the campus and Silicon Valley community. The fourth annual Tech Showcase was held in 2013, where the CMU community also honored outgoing director Martin Griss.

Fourth Annual Tech Showcase
August 11, 2013 

Best in Showcase Virtual Sensors and Visualization for Internet of Things
Oscar Sandoval, Zhipeng Li, Norman Xin, Clyde Li, Yuan Ren, Kyle Sum, Anthony Rowe
Martin Griss, Steven Rosenberg, Bob Iannucci, Jia Zhang
Outstanding Entry An Indoor Positioning System Using Infrared and Bluetooth Low Energy
Nathan Martin, Feng-Tso Sun
Bob Iannucci
Multilayer Optimized Uniform Nanomachined Diffractive Solar Wrap (MOUND)
Vincent Brac de la Perriere, Shahar Ben-Menahem, Abe Ishihara, Bernard Kress, Kevin Young — CMU Silicon Valley
Greg Dorais and Kalamanje Krishnakuma — NASA
Coco Dojo – An online Collaborative Coding System
Clyde Li, Lydian Lee, Dan Fortner, Sean Xiao, Sky Hu
Judges Adam Blum, OpenEd
Tom Terrill, Nook Media
Rahul Arora, Yahoo!

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  • acoustic poster
  • adaptive rf
  • rectenna poster
  • blues cape poster
  • VisTrails poster
  • fireimps poster
  • Coco Dojo poster
  • code readability poster
  • cyber-physical poster
  • Coursegrain poster
  • crossmobile poster
  • android poster
  • dreamsync poster
  • driven computing poster
  • ear trainer poster
  • nation of residence poster
  • energy aware poster
  • GPU Accelerated poster
  • Indoor Positioning poster
  • lockss poster
  • mars poster
  • VoIP poster
  • mobile app poster
  • mound poster
  • sensor data poster
  • virtual sensors poster
  • social energy poster
  • solar wifi poster
  • SSN poster
  • storymaker poster
  • vagabond poster
  • varda poster
  • voice recognition poster
  • Wiimote poster
  • rav poster

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