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Interpersonal Communication Technologies

Interpersonal Communication Technologies (ICT) overcome language barriers and physical barriers to enable people to communicate with others on earth freely and clearly. ICT develop and integrate technologies from statistcal language processing, context-aware computing , computer-mediated collaboration and 3D virtual world interactions to address natural language understanding and translation from verbal and non-verbal context information.

In past years, we have developed

  • Pandora: Statistical Speech Translation System for Mobile Devices,
  • Virtual Babel: speech translation service for 3D virtual worlds such as Second Life,
  • WASP: indoor locationing system using WiFi RSS signature and
  • MAMS: unsupervised statistical mobile application to detect abnormal behaviors of a user.

We are currently working on several research projects including gesture modeling to understand high-level gesture meanings, organic mobile speech translation that learns from system's mistakes, speech translation evaluation in virtual worlds and hybrid virtual/real world collaboration.

For detailed descriptions, visit Joy Zhang's website.

Contact: Joy Zhang