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Mark Micire

Mark Micire
Research Scientist
Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley


May 1, 1:30 pm



CMUSV, Rm 118 [directions]

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Title: Evolution of an Urban Search and Rescue Robot
Abstract: Robots are slowly finding their way into the hands of search and rescue groups. One of the robots contributing to this effort is the Inuktun VGTV-Xtreme series formerly designed by American Standard Robotics. This capable robot is one of the only robots engineered specifically for the search and rescue domain. This talk describes the adaptation of the VGTV platform from an industrial inspection robot into a capable and versatile search and rescue robot. These adaptations were based on growing requirements established by rescue groups, academic research, and extensive field trials. Lessons learned during this winding research path will be discussed along with some of the counter-intuitive engineering methods that were used.
Speaker Bio: Mark Micire has worked for over a decade to bring robots and other technologies to emergency response and search and rescue. He is certified in multiple aspects of search and rescue including technical search, technical rescue, hazardous material response, and is a nationally certified fire fighter. He is active in the search and rescue community and formerly a technical search specialist for the Massachusetts FEMA search and rescue team. Mark was a technical search robot operator during the World Trade Center Disaster and was a technical search specialist for Florida Task Force Three during the Hurricane Katrina response in Biloxi, Mississippi. His recent research leverages multi-touch tabletop, cell phone, and robot technology to bridge the gap between responders in the field and the incident command structure that supports them. Mark received his Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Department of Computer Science, Lowell, MA. December 2010. Nationally Certified Fire Fighter. Hillsborough Community College, Fire Fighter Academy, Tampa, FL. December 2004. M. S. in Computer Science. University of South Florida, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Tampa, FL. July 2002. B. S. in Computer Science. University of South Florida, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Tampa, FL. December 1999.