CMU-SV Professor Partners with Sierra Ventures on CIO Survey Report-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

CMU-SV Professor Partners with Sierra Ventures on CIO Survey Report

Sierra Ventures recently partnered with Dr. Stuart Evans of Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley and the Sierra CIO Advisory Board, which includes Fortune 500 CIOs and CTOs, to produce its CIO Survey Report: “Seizing Opportunity – The Transition from Legacy to Innovation in Enterprise IT.” The report is the first in a series that identifies pain points and opportunities for CIOs to increase innovation in IT enterprise.

The report found that a new system in IT enterprises based on innovative solutions will soon replace legacy systems, which are becoming too costly to continue and explored the theories, drivers and impacts of this shift. Other key findings reveal that an IT skills shortage is an impediment to IT innovation and that big data and mobile devices are regarded as the most important areas of innovation.

Dr. Evans’ research for the past thirty years has centered on how enterprises should respond to unanticipated changes, especially at the CIO level. “I’ve been interested in the changing role of the CIO for quite some time now. I’ve also been involved with Sierra for awhile, which led to an opportunity to help them produce this survey,” explains Evans.

Dr. Evans also teaches an Enterprise Innovation class at CMU-SV which looks at theories of innovation especially as they pertain to Silicon Valley. The class often brings in leading industry practitioners to show students how they’re developing their products and how they see things moving forward. “The findings from this report affects CMU-SV’s curriculum too. We always want to be teaching what is relevant and, right now, it is very relevant to study how CIOs and CTOs see this shift from legacy systems to innovative systems as affecting their organizations and how they see things moving forward,” said Evans.