CMU-SV Professor Ted Selker to Give Talks at SIGCHI Paris and ENSCI Les Ateliers-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Monday, April 22, 2013

CMU-SV Professor Ted Selker to Give Talks at SIGCHI Paris and ENSCI Les Ateliers

Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley’s Distinguished Service Professor Dr. Ted Selker will give a joint talk with Dr. Annie Gentes of Télécom ParisTech on April 24th, 2013 in Paris, France. Their talk, “Social Science Meets Design Activities in Considerate Systems,” will introduce ideas for how to incorporate social awareness into the design of information systems and artifacts. The pair will also be giving a talk about how models and prototypes are a part of the poetic dimension in the process of design at ENSCI Les Ateliers, a French design school.

At the SIGCHI talk, Dr. Selker, who also heads the Considerate Computing Group at CMU-SV, will present research on creating and evaluating design sketches focused on recognizing and respecting human intention in an effort to create a considerate cyber physical world. Dr. Gentes’s portion of that talk will concentrate on how considerate systems fit into reflective technologies. The two are currently collaborating on a book that will develop these ideas further.

The SIGCHI (Human Computer Interaction and Information Visualization) Paris chapter provides a forum for HCI researchers and practitioners in the Parisian region to discuss topics of common interest and promote collaboration. For past and upcoming talks, see the SIGCHI Paris site.