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Monday, January 7, 2013

CMU-SV ECE Student Yu Seung Kim Awarded Bertucci Fellowship

Yu Seung Kim, a Ph.D student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon’s Silicon Valley campus, has been awarded the John and Claire Bertucci Fellowship from the Carnegie Institute of Technology (CIT), which provides $10k in tuition support. Kim works with Assistant Research Professor Patrick Tague in the Wireless Network & System Security Group at CMU-SV.

Kim’s research focuses on detecting malicious behavior in wireless network systems and creating countermeasures to effectively defend against possible threats. His work deals primarily with security in three different types of wireless network systems: enterprise networks, mission critical network systems and community network systems.

Kim has also been able to take advantage of CMU-SV’s close proximity to and relationship with IT companies by collaborating on wireless network and system security projects. Notable projects include working with Cisco Systems to improve commercial wireless intrusion detection and Northrop Grumman Corporation on the design of statistical attack detection for highly anonymized networks.

“Being awarded the Bertucci Fellowship reflects Yu Seung’s hard work and dedication to his research. I’m proud of his achievements and very excited for his continued success in the future,” says Professor Tague.

Kim has completed both his course requirement and Ph.D qualifier and will now focus on his research pending an expected graduation in May 2014. “The Bertucci Graduate Fellowship will help me actively continue to work on my research during the rest of my PhD program,” says Kim. “Winning this fellowship at this moment is a great support for me. Moreover, I am very pleased that my research has been recognized for its value at this initial stage.”

The Bertucci Fellowship was created to provide merit fellowships to graduate students pursuing doctoral degrees in CIT.

For more on Yu Seung Kim’s research, see his poster with Professor Patrick Tague on “Jamming-Resistant Distributed Path Selection on Wireless Mesh Networks,” presented at CMU-SV’s 2012 3rd Annual Technology Showcase. Kim’s bio and a full list of his publications can be found on the Wireless Network & System Security Group website.