CMUSV Startup Receives $1 Million Grant-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

CMUSV Startup Receives $1 Million Grant

X5 Systems, a Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley spinoff startup formed in 2008, received a $1M grant from the Office of Naval Research under their Rapid Innovation Fund program. The award funds the development of advanced antenna synthesis and optimization algorithms. The R&D effort includes optimization of antenna array systems as well as the development of 3-D antenna models. "This award adds exciting new algorithms and capabilities to X5's industry-leading antenna synthesis system. X5 will soon have a product with functionality that no other tool has and features that customers have been asking for," said X5 Systems co-founder and CMUSV Associate Research Professor Jason Lohn.

Learn more about X5 Systems on their website.

More information on Dr. Jason Lohn and his research can be found on his bio page.