High School Robotics Team Visits Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

High School Robotics Team Visits Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley

In June, Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley(CMUSV) professors hosted students from Saratoga High School’s Robotics Club. Students presented the basketball-playing robot that they were readying for competition, gaining valuable experience in not only presenting work to an audience, but also receiving feedback and answering questions pertaining to their work. The team was also introduced to recent exciting research at CMUSV, particularly in the field of wireless sensors. Dr. Pei Zhang and his team presented their work on SensorFly, a minimally capable group of sensors designed to fly around indoors to gather situational awareness in an emergency, and gave students a demo of the helicopters flying around the room while gathering data.

Visits like this enable CMUSV faculty to not only share their research, but also continue to foster nurturing relationships with bright students in the Silicon Valley. Dr. Zhang expressed his hope that CMUSV’s relationship with the community would "educate and inspire students so that they will one day continue these research questions. We really need more scientists and engineers in this country and we can't just start at the university level."