Intel fellow Ticky Thakkar opens Distinguished Lecture Series-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Friday, February 14, 2014

Intel fellow Ticky Thakkar opens Distinguished Lecture Series

Shreekant (Ticky) Thakkar has been with Intel for more than 20 years, watching the tech industry grow as components shrank and the focus moved from desktops to mobile and beyond.

He's the current director of Mobile Systems Technologies and was previously director of Mobile Systems Architecture in the Devices R&D group, giving him a very specific view of how innovation and development happen in the world of mobile computing — a world that barely existed when he joined Intel in 1993.

As the first guest in the Silicon Valley campus's Distinguished Lecture Series, Thakkar drew from his years of experience, personally and professionally, for his talk on "Pervasive Mobile Computing Vision."

Phones and tablets are already changing the way we live, but as he sees it, the "next epoch" in mobile computing will belong to wearable sensing devices and ingestible "in-body devices" or IBDs. He referred to his own Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids and his smartphone as one real-world example of "ensembles" using phones or tablets as hubs connecting multiple elements.

There are real-world problems to solve as well, concerning power, privacy and data management. Intel isn't alone in tackling these issues; embedded sensing and low-power architecture are both key parts of CMU-SV's Connected-Embedded Systems courses, and faculty researchers like Pei Zhang are working with industry partners on wearable devices as well.

CMU thanks Ticky Thakkar for such a spectacular start to our new speaker series. The next guest, Vince Poor, Dean of Engineering and Applied Science at Princeton University, will speak March 5.