TV Hackfest awards for Monitube-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Thursday, February 20, 2014

TV Hackfest awards for Monitube

Internet-connected "smart" televisions and digital media devices took center stage at the TV Hackfest in San Francisco Feb. 5-6, with hackers challenged to develop creative apps and services taking advantage of new multiplatform services.

Silicon Valley MS ECE student Seokjeong Kate Lee formed a team with Iago Rodriguez Lopes, CY Yip, Sierra Jewell and Peter Ma to work on their submission, Monitube, which won two awards from hackathon sponsor Brightcove — the Most Innovative Use of the Zencoder API and Most Amazing Use of Video.js player.

The Web and smartphone app (screenshots at right) monitors what's on the TV and can alert parents via text when children are watching inappropriate content, using the data provided by MPAA or TV parental guidance ratings. They can respond with a pre-set message by text or phone to their kids to change the channel or turn it off.