SV teams compete in final QEO Connected Home Challenge-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

SV teams compete in final QEO Connected Home Challenge

After the QEO Connected Home Challenge launch night hackathon was over, with a CMU-SV team taking top honors, our students didn't take a break; they went right back to work preparing for the regional finals. Five teams competed in the US region event, held in Silicon Valley, joined by eight in Berlin and 13 in Paris, each one hoping to win the big prize — a trip to CES for one winner from each region.

CMU-SV's Team Scaler, including Mia Manalastas (MS SE), Jeff Hsu (MS SM) and Arie Radilla (MS SE), presented the next iteration of their winning app from the hackathon, using the QEO framework to "stitch your home appliances and gadgets together into a unified fabric."

Team Metaname, with members Tushar Dadlani (MS SE Tech) and Srikanth Kallakuri (ECE PhD), were the runners-up for the US region with their project Event Social, a "next generation social feed built for parties big and small. It captures essential party moments and makes it available to everyone" by using QEO to connect computers, mobile phones and other smart devices to enable picture sharing. Check out their video submission to the finals: