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Friday, March 14, 2014

Expanding the CMU network at the 2014 Silicon Valley Career Fair

Summer is coming and graduation is nigh, and Carnegie Mellon students are eagerly hunting for their next job or internship. What's the right fit? Is it a global force like Google, an expanding local startup like Quixey, or a new game publisher like Storm8? CMU's skilled and motivated students and alumni are highly in demand, whatever the environment, and more than two dozen companies, from large to small, were on the lookout for their next hire at the annual Silicon Valley career fair, hosted at Sunnyvale's Plug and Play Tech Center.

The fair was open to all registered students and alumni, and teams from the Career & Professional Development Center, the CMU Alumni Association and Heinz College of Public Policy and Information Systems were in attendance from the Pittsburgh campus. Many of the companies were also represented by Carnegie Mellon alumni, both from Silicon Valley programs and the main campus. CMU's Bay Area alumni community is very active, with more than 5,000 Tartans from almost every college living and working in the area; several Silicon Valley graduates, including co-president Krishna Mohan (MS SM '12), serve on the board of the local chapter. 

Check out some Tweets and photos from the event: