Practicum Sponsor Information at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Sponsoring a Practicum

Interested in becoming a practicum sponsor and engaging students to solve a problem? Key steps involve:

  1. Provide a clear and concise project description and realistic goals that can be met within the semseter-long practicum session.
  2. Discuss with the faculty advisor to see if your project is feasible.
  3. Conscientiously work with the team to ensure success
  4. Resolve any IP, confidentiality issues or restriction on presentation/paper details well before the start of the practicum. For example:
    • NDAs and PSAs with students take time for approval
    • Extra NDAs to allow faculty to observe will take time for approval
  5. Provide any necessary software and hardware prior to the start of the practicum.
  6. Review all submited deliverables and provide timely feedback.
  7. Commit to several hours each week to work with the team and the project, including:
    • Weekly meetings (several times a week initially; a minimum of once a week thereafter); these meetings may include working sessions and project management tasks
    • Communications (student questions and clarifications)using email and other medium
    • Allow faculty/instructors to observe the students' interaction with the sponsor/client from time to time during the project
    • Feedback to the practicum faculty for academic evaulation purposes at the end of the semester
    • Ideally, participate in the final student practicum presentations

How do I know which program's students will be a good fit?

  • Software Management (MS SM) students
    • perform market and competitive analysis, and develop requirements; gain key insights into software businesses and organizations
    • Contact Gladys Mercier
  • Information Technology (MSIT) students
    • gain the strategic thinking skills and insight that are essential for technology leaders in today's competitive business environment.
    • Contact Jennifer Feyrer
Still unsure? Contact us and we can help you determine the best team for your project.