Human Robot Interaction: Gesture Recognition-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Human Robot Interaction: Gesture Recognition

Each one of us was member of Carnegie Mellon students serving as software engineering consultants for a real client. Our responsibilities include managing the project as well as the client relationship.

At the end of this project, we shall be able to demonstrate an ongoing work at CMU-SV to develop a Human-Robot Interaction Framework. We have worked and finalized the architecture and the components needed to be able to achieve 2 main goals towards gesture recognition:

  1. Skeletonization
  2. Finger-counting

The outcome of this project will be released as open source to enable researchers and roboticists to easily incorporate gesture recognition as part of their technologies into their systems and/or robotic platform.

During the course of the practicum, the team was able to practice in a real world environment the best of software engineering practices from client negotiations to resolving new technical problems.

At the end of the CMU program, we had the opportunity to apply the advanced software engineering skills to solve a real software systems problem and to manage our own project with minimal supervision.

The practicum has no fictional scenario elements that characterized the previous Carnegie Mellon projects.