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Directory by name-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

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Cindy Arnett

Cindy Arnett, INI Academic Affairs & Student Services Coordinator

Office: B19-1052

Phone: 650-335-2856


John Baldridge

John E. B. Baldridge, Web Communications Manager


Jon Cagan 

Jonathan Cagan, Co-Director, Integrated Innovation Institute; Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Institute of Technology

Phone: 412-268-3713


Anupam Datta

Anupam Datta, Associate Professor

Office: B23-221

Phone: 650-335-2888


Dianna Eckford

Dianna Eckford, Career Coach

Office: B19-1071

Phone: 650-335-2842

Hakan Erdogmus

Hakan Erdogmus, Associate Teaching Professor

Office: B23-123

Phone: 650-335-2883

Stuart Evans 

Stuart Evans, Distinguished Service Professor

Office: B23-121B

Phone: 650-335-2840



Jim Garrett

James H. Garrett, Jr., Dean, College of Engineering; Thomas Lord Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Phone: 412-268-5090



Bob Iannucci

Bob Iannucci, Distinguished Service Professor; Director, Cylab Mobility Research Center

Office: B23-224


Abraham Ishihara

Abraham Ishihara, Senior Scientist

Office: B23-126

Phone: 650-335-2818


Cindy Arnett

Carlee Joe-Wong, Assistant Professor

Office: B23-208

Phone: 650-335-2832


Rody Kersten

Rody Kersten, Post Doctoral Researcher

Office: B19-1006


Ian Lane 

Ian Lane, Assistant Research Professor

Office: B23-225

Phone: 650-335-2817

Diana Leathers

Diana Leathers, ECE Administrative Coordinator

Office: B23-116

Phone: 650-335-2824

Ritchie Lee

Ritchie Lee, Systems (Robotics) Engineer

Office: B19-1006

Phone: 650-335-2847

David Lees 

David Lees, Senior Systems Scientist

Albert Liu

Albert Liu, Senior IT Support Specialist

Office: B23-210

Phone: 650-335-2819

Kasper Luckow

Kasper Søe Luckow, Postdoc at Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley

Office: Bldg 19, Room 1006

Phone: 650.335.2889


Stacy Marshall

Stacy Marshall, Facilities and Events Manager

Office: B19-1052

Phone: 650-335-2852

Leigh Mason

Leigh Mason, Student Services Coordinator, Integrated Innovation Institute


Office: B19, Room 1071

Phone: 650-335-2857

Ole Mengshoel 

Ole Mengshoel, Principal Systems Scientist, ECE

Office: B23-220

Phone: 650-335-2887

Gladys Mercier

Gladys Mercier, Program Director, MS in Software Management

Office: B23-121A

Phone: 650-335-2820


Hillary Nicholson

Hillary Nicholson, Business and Finance Associate

Office: B23-217A

Phone: 650-335-2836


Corina Pasareanu

Corina Pasareanu, Senior Systems Scientist

Cecile Peraire

Cécile Péraire, Assistant Teaching Professor

Office: B23-105

Phone: 650-335-2851

Quoc-Sang Phan

Quoc-Sang Phan, Post Doctoral Researcher

Office: B19-1002

Anna Poteete

Anna Poteete, Campus Administrative Coordinator

Office: B23-217C

Phone: 650-335-2886


Steven Ray

Steven Ray, Distinguished Research Fellow

Phone: 650-587-3780
Brittany Reyes

Brittany Reyes, ECE Academic Services Coordinator & Advisor for ECE Student Organizations

Office: B19-1052

Phone: 650-335-2854

Sheryl Root

Sheryl Root, Program Director, Master of Science in Technology Ventures, III; Associate Professor, Software Management Program

Office: B23-122

Phone: 650-335-2870

Steve Rosenberg

Steven Rosenberg, Senior Director of Operations

Office: B23-214B

Phone: 650-335-2890


Jazz Sabian 

Jazz Sabian, Manager, Information Services & Technology

Office: B23-206

Phone: 650-335-2809

Marc Samson

Marc Samson, AV Support Specialist

Office: B23-210

Phone: 650-335-2829

Lauren Hildesheim

Lauren Schachar, Director of Career Services

Office: B19-1045

Phone: 650-335-2844


Stephanie Scott, ECE Academic Program Advisor

Office: B19-1060

Phone: 650-335-2853

John Shen

John Shen, Professor

Office: B23-201B

Phone: 650-335-2812

Sari Smith

Sari Smith, Director of Student Affairs

Office: B19-1041

Phone: 650-335-2846


Patrick Tague

Patrick Tague, Associate Research Professor; Associate Director, INI

Office: B23-218

Phone: 650-335-2827

Ravi Thomas

Ravi Thomas, Adjunct Faculty

Office: B23-105B

Phone: 650-335-2816

Dena Haritos Tsamitis

Dena Haritos Tsamitis, Director, Information Networking Institute

Phone: 412-268-7195




Vivek Wadhwa 

Vivek Wadhwa

Distinguished Fellow and Adjunct Professor

Office: B23-126


Tony Wasserman 

Tony Wasserman, Professor of the Practice

Office: B23-124

Phone: 650-335-2807

Jennifer Wolfeld

Jennifer Wolfeld, Communications and Language Services

Office: B19-1071

Phone: 650-335-2803


Mary Christine Zeise

Mary Christine Zeise, Director of Admissions and Alumni Relations

Office: B23-120

Phone: 650-335-2810

Pei Zhang 

Pei Zhang, Associate Research Professor

Office: B19-1042

Phone: 650-335-2821