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Faculty Startups, Spinoffs, and Projects

With their extensive expertise and corporate connections, its no surprise that our faculty are active in the startup world as well. CMU is a great environment for combining academic efforts with private sector opportunities.


Alex Waibel (interACT); Joy Zhang (on leave); Ian Lane; Matthias Eck

Founded 2009

Acquired by Facebook in 2013
A state-of-the-art, bidirectional speech translation application; mobile voice translator app that doesn't require a data connection to operate

X5 Systems

Jason Lohn

Founded 2008

Antenna and RF system CAD tools
X5 Systems licenses AntSyn™ (Antenna Synthesis), a new, ground-breaking software tool that provides an automated design process. We call it antenna synthesis: Enter your antenna specifications and AntSyn's patented search engine returns optimized antenna designs.

Latest news from X5: provided antennas for NASA's IRIS and LADEE missions (2013)

GigaPan Systems

Randy Sargent (researcher)

Founded 2008

gigapixel panoramic photographs


Collin Jackson (on leave)

Founded 2011

The Apportable platform converts iOS games to Android automatically, without extensive changes to the original Objective-C or C++ code.

Latest news from Apportable: launched SpriteBuilder game development tool suite, January 2014