A Next Generation Emergency Operating Center-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Next Generation Emergency Operating Centers

Sunday May 22, 3:00 pm; Bldg 23, Rm 212

Art Botterell, Disaster Management Consultant, DMI, CMUSV

Summary: "For more than half a century the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has been a key component of emergency management, homeland security and business continuity practice. The changing technical, threat, economic and social environments put new pressures on our concept of the EOC. This session will examine emerging pressures on, and trends in, emergency and business contingency management systems, and provide an overview of a research program to explore solutions to both new and persistent EOC design challenges."
Common Operating Picture Demo and Hyperwall Demo – David Coggeshall, Golden Gate Safety Network

About the Speaker: Art Botterell is a specialist in emergency information and warning systems with more than forty years experience in public safety and emergency management. He has served with FEMA, with the California Emergency Management Agency and with a number of local public safety and emergency management agencies. He has been a consultant to the Department of Homeland Security, to other U.S. federal agencies, to disaster management organizations in Europe, Asia, Australia and to the United Nations Development Program. He conceived and led development of the international Common Alerting Protocol data interoperability standard, and served on the Federal Communications Commission’s “Commercial Mobile Alerting Advisory Committee” and other governmental and scientific committees. He is currently a Disaster Management Consultant with the Disaster Management Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University, Silicon Valley.