DMI Lab Demos-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

DMI Lab Demos

Sunday May 22, 1:00pm; Monday May 23, 2:00 pm, Bldg 23 Annex, Smart Spaces Lab


  • Common Operating Picture: Using open source technologies such as browsers, Google maps and Javascript, with multiple overlays to bring together multiple streams of information from diverse sources to create enhanced situational awareness.
  • Semantic Geotagging: Enhanced structured and geolocated information gathered from mobile devices and dynamically linked into a hperlinked information base.
  • Hyperwall Displays: Exploring Different configurations of multi-display hyperwalls and intercation modes for Incident Commanders and EOC managers to increase viewing area with reduced cost and reduced operator needs.
  • Incident Aide: Integrating task- and role-specific applications and information (poster).
  • Next Gen EOC: Outfitting NASA supplied trailers as a “green” EOC, powered by Solar panels, using 12v power, LED lighting, and sensors to reduce power needs.

For more details on these and other DMI projects, visit the DMI project page.