Automated Damage Assessment Data Compilation-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Automated Damage Assessment Data Compilation via Amateur Radio for Emergency Management

Sunday May 22, 10:30 am, Bldg 23, Rm 212

Andy Rose, KI6SEP, Assistant Emergency Communicator - Mountain View, Member, Santa Clara County Packet Committee, SCCo MAC N2, F2, P2, S1

Summary:Modern software automates the data gathering and compilation process using amateur packet radio. The data presentation is elegantly simple and designed for EOC personnel: "focus on the message, not the medium".

About the speaker:Andy Rose holds a BSEE from Carnegie Mellon University and has been active in emergency response since 1999. Andy is an Assistant Emergency Communicator for ARES/RACES in Mountain View, CA, is a DSW and ARES/RACES member of Santa Clara County. He is qualified as a Santa Clara County Mutual Aid Communicator (MAC) at level one as a Shadow, and at level two for Field Communicator, Net Control Operator, and Packet Operator. Andy has built on the work of many others by applying his software skills to further enhance digital communications capabilities services provided throughout the County. The goal has been to eliminate the "geek" factor and present data in a simple, clear manner as desired by EOC personnel.