Panel: Emergency Comms 2.0-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Panel: Emergency Comms 2.0: The KEY to Emergency Management

Moderators: Pat Lanthier & Charles Brown, WCA eCLIC

Panelists:   Michael Crews, CalEMA
                  Dr. William Dunlop, LLNL (.pdf)
                  Allen Flanagan, Clearwire (.pdf)
                  Jan Herremo, Ericsson
                  William Hreha, Space Systems Loral (.pdf)
                  Floyd Wilson, LINC

Description: Emergency management, command and control depend upon communications. A new age of wireless communications is emerging (exploding?). Very experienced panelists and moderators will explore various aspects of Emergency Comms 2.0, shedding light on both opportunities and challenges in local communities and international venues  ... and, help shape potential CMU/eCLIC Labs projects for discussion in afternoon breakout sessions.

panel presentation slides (.pdf)