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The Disaster Management Initiative brings together public organizations, non-profits, private consortiums, technologists and citizens to jointly develop better technical solutions for disaster management.

Our research and technical solutions combine the strength of all our partners. We collaborate with experienced local practitioners in the "natural disaster theme park" of California. We are located in the earthquake- and fire-prone San Francisco Bay Area which we use as our primary experimental test-bed. We scale globally through interactions with our international partners.

We welcome corporate, foundation and government interest and support to accomplish our mission in the public good. We have also established an affiliates program to allow us the opportunity to provide our research and collaborations.

Affiliates Levels

  • Participant Level (Note: Participant Level is available only for individuals, publicly-funded emergency service providers (e.g., fire, police, medical), nonprofit organizations with annual gross revenues less than USD$1,000,000, and/or small businesses with annual gross revenues less than USD$2,000,000)
    • USD$5,000 per year, or
      In-kind resources (in the form of services) equivalent in the aggregate to a minimum of five percent (5%) of a full-time employee’s effort (or 100 hours, whichever is greater) during each membership year; or
      combination of cash and in-kind resources (in the form of services) totaling at least $5,000 in aggregate value
  • Contributor Level
    • USD$10,000 per membership year. Up to $5,000 of such amount may be provided via in-kind resources.
  • Board Level
    • USD$100,000 per membership year. Up to $50,000 of such amount may be provided via in-kind resources.

Affiliates Benefits

  • Participant Level:
    • Participation in regular working meetings.
    • Participation in topical quarterly workshops.
    • Invitation to annual conference.
    • Early access to repository of software and reports.
    • Eligibility to host officially recognized DMI projects within member’s own facility, with the ability to request in-kind services credit for staff resources used in such hosting.
  • Contributor Level:
    • All Participant Level benefits.
    • Free registration at annual conference for one (1) member employee and one (1) guest.
  • Board Level:
    • All Contributor Level benefits
    • Free registration at annual conference for one (1) additional member employee and (4) guests.
    • One seat on steering committee.
    • Ability to shape and vote on final DMI project selection.
    • Early access to prototypes to request commercial licenses.

If you are interested in learning more about our affiliates program or how you can support the DMI, please contact Martin Griss.

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