Jeannie Stamberger Interviewed on Crowd-Sourcing Disaster Relief-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jeannie Stamberger Interviewed on Crowd-Sourcing Disaster Relief

Dr. Jeannie Stamberger, associate director of the Disaster Management Initiative (DMI) at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, was interviewed by the Stanford Social Innovation Review on the topic of Crowd-Sourcing Disaster Relief. The interview covered her experience in using social media to better manage disaster response. Listen to the podcast.

Dr. Stamberger brings a unique perspective to disaster management, by integrating her experience developing technology for extreme environments and analytical skills (modeling and custom statistical analyses for patchy data), that results in award-winning designs such as "Tweak the Tweet" (a Twitter hashtag syntax for disaster reporting; Random Hacks of Kindness, November 2009). She has been the CrisisCamp lead for Silicon Valley since early 2010. Within the DMI, her research interests include social media, user-centered design, technology to reduce violence against women, and the 'human sensor'.

Most recently, Dr. Stamberger was involved in the technical debrief for the San Bruno Fire explosion that occurred September 10, 2010. The debrief was released by Carnegie Mellon in concert with the November 5 BACSPP Meta-leadership conference discussion the San Bruno fire. The report is the first of its kind, documenting the use of technology during disasters, including the novel recruitment and use of volunteer mappers by emergency managers in incident command. The report also documents the next steps to solve identified issues. The DMI will lead a collaborative effort to implement and test solutions. Read the debrief.