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New Bay Area Alumni Association Leader Named

Merline Saintil (SM '05) has recently taken on the role of President of the Bay Area Alumni Chapter for Carnegie Mellon. She has been involved with the Alumni chapter since graduating, however, the new leadership role offers exciting challenges. According to Saintil, “There is a very large cohort of alumni in the Bay Area and I am looking forward to adding to the cohesiveness and connection to Carnegie Mellon. I am particularly excited to broaden the relationship with the Silicon Valley campus.”

Saintil received her B.S. in Computer Science from Florida A&M in 1998. She went on to work for Pratt & Whitney in West Palm Beach as a software engineer. However, after attending a USENIX conference in the Bay Area, she continued to be drawn to the northern California region. So, in 2000, she took a position with Sun Microsystems in the Silicon Valley. She continued at Sun until 2006 when she joined Adobe, where she is currently the Sr. Program Manager of the Flash Professional product. Describing her new responsibilities Saintil says, “web content is flash-based. Our tool is used to create engaging and interactive animation. In my new role, I am very excited to be managing the end-to-end development of the next generation of Flash Professional.”

Recalling her experience in the Software Management (formerly the SE-PM) program at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, Saintil comments, “combining the technical components of software engineering and business allowed me to use my management skills while wearing a ‘techie’ hat; understanding the language was instrumental in successfully navigating the software industry.”

Saintil lives with her husband, Greg and four-year old daughter, Jasmine in Emerald Hills, California. “We are both at a good place in our careers right now and enjoying the time we spend together as a family,” says Saintil.

“I feel fortunate for the opportunities I have gained since completing by degree and encourage fellow alumni to re-connect. As President of the Bay Area Alumni Association I look forward to hearing from and seeing many of you at upcoming events.”