Software Management Graduate Program, Full-time Masters Degree Curriculum-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Curriculum for the Master of Science in Software Management, Full-Time Degree Program

Within each semester, students will take a set of required courses with some options for course selection. Faculty will recommend courses for individual students based on their previous software background or work experience.

Students in both the MS Software Engineering and MS Software Management programs share a wide variety of electives. These offerings are based upon student demand and faculty availability. See electives for a complete list.

Program Options

  • 12-Month Option: Coursework completed in fall, spring, and summer semesters
  • 16-Month Option
    • Coursework in fall and spring semesters
    • Summer internship / Curricular Practical Training (CPT) course; 96-735 (3 units)
    • Coursework completed in second fall semester

Students must commit to either the 12 or 16 month program at the time of application/enrollment and cannot switch between degrees.

Idea Workshop
Students kick-off the school year with a mandatory week-long Idea Workshop and Orientation, led by faculty. Students participate in a guided brainstorm and come out with the best ideas for projects to work on during the year. Student teams are also formed during this on-ramp to the program.

Corporate Track
Corporate teams sponsored by their companies will participate in a special track customized around their employer’s goals. These goals form the basis of their projects for the curriculum, culminating in a final Innovation Project showcasing how their work will be integrated into their company.

Software Management Graduate Degree Coursework

Course Number

Course Title


Introduction to Software Engineering 12
96-815 Innovation & Entrepreneurship 12
96-788 Software Product Definition
96-789 Requirements Analysis
96-782 Process and Project Management
96-783 Managing Software Professionals 12
96-808 Organizational Behavior in High-Tech Industry
96-790 Software Product Strategy
96-791 The Business of Software
96-809 Enterprise Innovation
96-731 Capstone Project
96-819 Entrepreneurial Finance I