Master of Science in Information Technology - Mobility-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Master of Science in Information Technology - Mobility (MSIT-MOB)

Carnegie Mellon's Information Networking Institute (INI) offers the MSIT in Mobility (MOB) to prepare students to be at the forefront of the converged mobile/Internet regime with a multidisciplinary curriculum spanning both technical and business topics in mobile applications, services and devices.

Specifically, the MSIT-MOB program is designed to prepare students to:

  • Design and implement embedded systems used in mobile devices
  • Gain skills in low-level protocols for mobile devices, including protocols for networks, radios and antennas
  • Gain knowledge in all the players and their interactions in the mobile space, including device manufacturers, network operations, application developers and regulators
  • Design and implement mobile applications and products
  • phone
  • Manage software development throughout its lifecycle and the resources needed to finish projects
  • Acquire an understanding of microeconomics theory with an emphasis on business applications
  • Acquire an understanding of business management functions including accounting, finance, human relations, marketing and operations with an emphasis in information systems
  • Apply knowledge in mobility in the areas of information security and software management
  • Gain experience in an industrial internship
  • Equip themselves for life-long learning and professional growth in mobility disciplines
View the curriculum on the INI website.