96-809-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

96-809-Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

96-809 Enterprise Innovation

This course explores how all types of enterprises are being reinvented by innovations in software. This disruptive transformation is underway as software and IT systems migrate from administrative to revenue generating functions interfacing with customers and enabling task-based collaboration among all employees. Many firms are reaching a critical inflection point where these innovations are colliding with their legacy systems and a fundamental metamorphosis is taking place. The combined impacts of social, cloud, big data, sensors and mobile technologies are revolutionizing the way a firm functions. Software is the critical innovation mechanism; it is transforming how they interact with customers and ecosystem partners, the way teams collaborate and communicate, how they access and distribute information, and how they co-ordinate and control key activities. The role of the CIO is pivotal as firms seek to constantly innovate and adapt to changing realities. Flexibility, versatility and the capacity to quickly adapt to new market opportunities and technological breakthroughs have become the critical innovation challenges.

Credit units: 24

Prerequisites: none (team-based software development experience preferred)

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