Accommodations near Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley -Silicon Valley Campus - Carnegie Mellon University

Local Accommodations 

If you are visiting from out of town, we recommend two nearby hotels.'s Silicon Valley web site also has a local hotel search feature.

  • Oakwood Mountain View, Mountain View, CA  650-528-5000
  • Hotel Avante, Mountain View, CA (5-10 min. from campus)- Excellent chain that has others in the area; full excellent boutique hotel that does not feel like a corporate hotel

Other accommodations:

  • Hotel Sofitel, Redwood Shores, CA (halfway between campus and SFO airport - 35 mins from campus) - French hotel chain used by many business travelers
  • Fairmont, San Jose, CA (about 15 min from campus and 5min. from  SJC airport) - If you want to say in downtown San Jose; the best corporate hotel in the central business district of San Jose; very close to SJC
  • Hotel Valencia, San Jose, CA (15 min from campus and 10min. from  SJC airport) - Nice boutique hotel located in the most socially active (restaurants, shops, etc.) area.