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Deposit Your Work

Journal articles, conference papers and presentations, books and book chapters, technical reports, dissertations, theses, and selected undergraduate student works authored by Carnegie Mellon faculty and students may be deposited in Research Showcase.  Research Showcase displays PDF files.  Other file types, e.g., .doc, .docx, .xls, and .ppt are converted to PDF for display.  Research Showcase links to streaming audio and video. 

Depositing your work in Research Showcase takes only a few minutes. With the exception of dissertations, theses, and undergraduate student work, you can deposit your work yourself or have library staff do it for you.  Deposits of dissertations, theses, and undergraduate student work are mediated by the University Libraries to ensure certification.

  • To have the University Libraries deposit your work for you, send a request to the Research Showcase Outreach Coordinator, Katie Behrman,, 268‐2536.  Include the following information: the digital file, date of the work, abstract, keywords, and name, affiliation, and email address for each CMU author if this information is not included within the paper itself. If the abstract contains special characters, use HTML formatting.
  • To deposit your work yourself, see Direct Deposit [pdf] for instructions.
  • To update a previously submitted document, or if you have questions about Research Showcase, contact Katie Behrman,, 268‐2536.

Ph.D. Dissertations and Master’s Theses

Graduate students are strongly encouraged to deposit their Ph.D. dissertation or Master’s thesis in Research Showcase and to provide open access to their work immediately unless there is a compelling reason to delay open access.  You can delay open access for six months, one year, two years, or five years.  See Deposit Your Work on the University Libraries’ website for more information. 

For submission instructions and a detailed discussion of decisions to be made regarding dissemination of your dissertation, including publishing options and reasons to delay open access, see Depositing / Publishing Your Dissertation.