ORCID Initiative @ CMU-Scholarly Communications - Carnegie Mellon University

ORCID Initiative @ CMU

The University Libraries are leading an initiative with two important objectives:

  • To help CMU researchers acquire an ORCID ID if they don't already have one.
  • To link the ORCID IDs of CMU researchers with their Andrew ID in Carnegie Mellon's identity management system.

A pilot project was completed Fall semester 2014 for faculty and staff researchers in CIT.  The ORCID Initiative @ CMU is now open to all CMU researchers.  To participate, go to https://orcid.library.cmu.edu and follow the brief instructions.  Participation takes only a few minutes.


So researchers can get recognized [pdf].  An ORCID ID is a persistent identifier that will distinguish you from other researchers throughout your scholarly career. You could be required to have an ORCID ID because publishers and funding agencies are increasingly integrating ORCID into the manuscript and grant proposal submission process.

And so CMU can connect CMU researchers with their contributions [pdf].  Linking your ORCID ID to your Andrew ID in CMU's identity management system is important to facilitate research assessment.  Over time, ORCID IDs will be integrated from the identity management system into the Sponsored Programs and Research Compliance System (SPARCS), Research Showcase @ CMU and other campus systems

If you have questions about the ORCID Initiative @ CMU, contact Denise Troll Covey, Scholarly Communications Librarian.

What is ORCID? Why should I care?

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What happens to my ORCID account if I leave Carnegie Mellon?

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