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Open Access (OA)


The University Libraries is collaborating with the University of Pittsburgh Library System for an extended celebration of Open Access Week with a keynote event on each campus.

Culture Change in Academia: Making Sharing the New Norm
3-4:30 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 22
Ballroom B, University Club, University of Pittsburgh

Join a lively discussion with Erin McKiernan, an early-career neuroscientist and leading advocate for Open Access and Open Science. McKiernan will explore the powerful benefits of openness in scholarly research, the tension between personal success as a researcher and Open Science, and the need for reform in academic evaluation and incentive systems. A panel discussion featuring members of the Pitt academic community will follow. Hosted by the Pitt Library System.

Panel Discussion: The Challenge of Openness and Transparency in Scholarly Communication
4:30-6 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 29
6115 Gates Hillman Center

Panelists are:

Moderated by Dean of Libraries Keith Webster, the discussion is co-hosted by Carnegie Mellon University Libraries and the Pitt Library System. The event will be webcast live via Silverlight.

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The term open access describes materials that are freely accessible online and easily discoverable in an Internet search.  Providing open access to research and scholarship has become a worldwide movement serving the mission of higher education.  Many funding agencies now require open access to publications reporting the results of federally funded research.  (See Public Access Mandates.)

In response to pressure from authors, most traditional journal publishers allow authors to post open access copies of their peer-reviewed manuscripts on their websites or disciplinary or institutional repositories.  Many peer-reviewed journals publish all of their content open access.  Researchers and scholars are now pushing for open access to research data and open access to scholarly monographs. 

Open access is strategic for Carnegie Mellon.  Open access disseminates as broadly as possible works authored by the CMU community, encouraging use and increasing citations and impact.  Open access also enables the CMU community to access works authored elsewhere around the world, many of which the University Libraries cannot afford to purchase.