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Publishing Open Access / Support for Open Access Publishing

Discounts and financial support for publishing open access

CMU faculty and graduate students are publishing their work open access in hybrid and open access journals (the gold route to open access).  Open access publishing often incurs a fee known as an Article Processing Charge or APC.  The University Libraries has memberships and site licenses that provide discounts on APCs.  The Libraries also sponsor a fund to help CMU authors pay reasonable APCs to publish open access if they have no grant funds that can be used to cover these costs.  Details on these and other initiatives to encourage open access publishing are available on the University Libraries' website.  See Financial Support for Open Access Publishing.

Speak with your liaison librarian or see the FAQ on Open Access Publishing to learn more about APCs.

Managing open access journals and conferences

CMU’s Research Showcase repository software supports publishing open access journals and conference proceedings.  Features include managing article submission and peer review, and publishing and hosting open access to journal articles and conference papers.  See, for example, the Journal of Privacy and Confidentiality and the Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on the Universal Digital Library.

Contact Katie Behrman, Research Showcase Outreach Coordinator, for details.