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Providing Open Access (self-archiving)

Carnegie Mellon strongly encourages CMU authors to make their work available open access.  Members of the CMU community are increasingly self‐archiving their work (the green route to open access). 

A study of faculty websites conducted in 2007‐08 revealed that:

  • 42% of CMU faculty had self‐archived at least one of their works on a personal or departmental website.  
  • Roughly 40% of the works cited on faculty websites had links to an open access copy, including 58% of the technical reports and 32% of the journal articles.  
  • The gap between the opportunity to self‐archive journal articles and the practice of self-archiving journal articles was 64%.  Roughly 7,400 more journal articles could have been self‐archived in compliance with publisher policy than were self‐archived.  

Surveys conducted in 2010 by the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis discovered that 83% of CMU faculty and 83% of CMU graduate students had self‐archived at least one of their works on a website or repository.  

As of July 2013, Research Showcase, CMU’s open access repository, contains 11,455 works authored by CMU faculty and students.  The works have been downloaded 1,738,825 times.  More than half (56%) of those downloads occurred in the past year.  Campus authors have also deposited their work in open access disciplinary repositories, including arXiv and Social Science Research Network (SSRN).