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Manage Your Copyrights

The Intellectual Property Policy of Carnegie Mellon University explains who owns the intellectual property created by faculty, students, and staff in their relationship with the university.  Carnegie Mellon expects faculty, students, and staff who own the copyright to work produced at the university to:

  • Understand what U.S. copyright law protects.
  • Understand their exclusive rights under the law, and the legal exceptions and limitations on their exclusive rights.
  • Manage their copyrights effectively.

Carnegie Mellon's Guidelines on Author Rights and Preservation [pdf] address these issues and recommend strategies for managing copyright effectively.  Effective copyright management provides, within the parameters of the law, the broadest possible access and the fewest restrictions on use that serve the author’s interests and Carnegie Mellon’s mission to disseminate knowledge and obligation to comply with public access mandates

Open access and open licensing provide the broadest possible access and fewest restrictions on use.  The University Libraries' web page on Managing Your Own Copyrighted Work describes resources for making your work available open access and under an open license. 

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