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Financial Aid

Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda's graduate student tuition is set by the Carnegie Mellon University College of Engineering, however we now have a new tuition structure for our Kigali location.

Meeting the cost of a graduate education is a significant investment. There are several forms of financial aid available to students enrolled in our programs.

MasterCard Foundation Scholarships

The MasterCard Foundation Scholarship was launched in June 2016. The scholarship will provide support to academically outstanding applicants from economically disadvantaged communities in Africa. Learn how to apply.

Smart Africa Scholarships

The SMART Africa Scholarhip Fund was announced during the Transform Africa Summit in October 2015. Students enrolled at any recognised Centre of Excellence are eligible to apply including Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda, in its capacity as the region Centre of Excellence in ICT.

Rwanda Government Financial Aid Program

Two forms of support are offered by the Government of Rwanda for applicants admitted to the MSIT and MSECE program:


The first form of support is a scholarship for applicants from countries in the East African Community. For eligible applicants, the scholarship will cover 50% of the tuition fee for the MSIT and MSECE program. This scholarship does not need to be reimbursed.


The second form of support, available only to citizens of Rwanda, is a study loan to cover the remaining 50% of the tuition, in addition to the 50% scholarship. Loans for living expenses are also available if needed.

Financial Aid Eligibility Notification

Both forms of support are available based on assessment of financial need. They are offered to applicants upon:

  1. Fulfillment of the academic requirements and acceptance to the CMU in Rwanda programs.
  2. Fulfillment of the requirements requested by the Rwanda Education Board.

Innovators Forward Fellowship Fund

This CMU-R Fellowship Fund provides financial support for graduate students with an exceptional academic record and demonstrated leadership potential. The Director of CMU-R will determine the amount of the fellowship and will select awardees in accordance with university policies and procedures.

Additional Sources of Financial Aid

Applicants are encouraged to look for different sources of financing or scholarships, such as employer support, private financing through local banks and international scholarships. We also encourage applicants to contact their local Ministry of Education, or similar authorities, to seek financial support.

We've provided below a preliminary list of international scholarships that applicants may be eligible to apply for: