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The Master’s Practicum

The MSIT program at Carnegie Mellon University-Rwanda includes a practicum course in the third or fourth semester, which is an opportunity for students to work in teams on real problems provided by companies who are the practicum sponsors.  The practicum involves managing the customer relationship, problem analysis, negotiating requirements and scope, in addition to solution development.

How Practicum Sponsorship Works

If your company is interested in becoming a practicum sponsor and engaging our students in the practicum experience, we ask that you submit a proposal that defines a problem that requires a solution involving ICT.  Members of your organization will function as the “client” for a student team.

Start-up companies may find the practicum to be a particularly useful and unique method for solving their technology and business problems in a timely manner by using a CMU-R MSIT student team to augment the start-up staff.

You can find some examples of numerous companies and organizations that have taken advantage of our practicum program at our CMU Silicon Valley campus.

Learn more about becoming a practicum sponsor or contact Bruce Krogh, Director Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda for more information.

learn more about becoming a practicum sponsor