Internships MSIT 2014-Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda - Carnegie Mellon University

MSIT Students Start Internships in Four Countries

"CMU-R's first cohort of graduate students pursuing a Master's in Information Technology(MSIT) successfully completed their first academic year; and are currently taking part in internships. Students have been placed in various companies in Rwanda, Kenya, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.
Consistent with CMU’s pedagogy, our students are using this internship to applyi their knowledge and experience from the graduate program in a real-world work environment. The internship is for three months beginning in May and ending in August. Our students have been placed at the following companies:

    •    IBM Research
    •    Marriott
    •    VISA
    •    MFS Africa
    •    ZTE
    •    Axis (funded by Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative)
    •    COMZAfrica
    •    ESRI   
    •    Energy Water Sanitation Authority
    •    Rwanda Development Board
    •    CMU-R research internships in mHealth, energy and education networks

The organization sponsoring the internship is responsible for the travel, lodging and living expenses of our students. In addition, they are expected to pay reasonable remuneration for the student’s work in connection with the internship. This is situation is unique in this region, providing our students an exceptional opportunity.
For most of our students, this is a very exciting and rewarding experience allowing some of them the opportunity to travel to new countries while gaining exposure to new cultures and industries."