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MSIT Schedule

The MSIT degree is designed to be completed in three or four semesters, plus a three-month internship. A typical four-semester schedule is outlined below. Only 24 units are required in the fourth semester of this sample schedule. The student would be a part-time student this final semester and the tuition would be prorated accordingly (tuition for full-time students corresponds to 36 units). Please note this is the only semester in which students may be part-time. The MSIT is designed to be a full-time program, and it is not advisable to combine the program with a full-time job. Students can complete the program in three semesters by taking one additional 12-unit course in two of the first three semesters. The CMU-R academic calendar for 2012-2013 is available here.

Orientation (August)

Students admitted to the MSIT program will attend an orientation session prior to the beginning of their first semester. Through seminars, discussions and assignments, students will be introduced common procedures, tools and methods used in Carnegie Mellon University Master's programs.

Semester 1 (late Aug - Dec)

Three core courses
36 units
First year MSIT Seminar 3 units

Semester 2 (Jan - mid-May)

Two core courses 24 units
One elective course 12 units
First year MSIT Seminar 3 units

MSIT Internship (mid-May - Aug)

Semester 3 (Aug - Dec)

Master's Practicum 24 units
One elective course 12 units
Second year MSIT Seminar 6 units

Semester 4 (Jan - May)

Two elective courses         
24 units

Total Units                                
144 units