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M.S. in Information Technology

The Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) degree is preparing the next generation of technology managers and innovators through a multidisciplinary curriculum that covers key topics in ICT, such as mobile applications, information security and networking, and software management, as well as critical business areas such as finance, operations and entrepreneurship. Applications are now being accepted.

Through this program, you can:

  • Design and implement mobile applications and products
  • Develop expertise in both theory and practice of information security
  • Acquire detailed understanding of the technical, management and policy aspects of information networking and computer systems
  • Manage software development throughout its lifecycle and the resources needed to finish projects
  • Design and implement software metrics that align with business and stakeholder goals
  • Learn how to use and create innovative applications leveraging mobility, broadband internet, and cloud computing 
  • Acquire an understanding of business management functions, including market planning, strategic business plan, operations, and entrepreneurship with an emphasis in information systems
  • Gain experience in an industrial internship
  • Equip yourself for life-long learning and professional growth in the ICT industry

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