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Student Life

Life outside of the classroom has always been an integral part of the educational experience at Carnegie Mellon University. We encourage students to enhance and balance their academic pursuits with participation in social events, sports, service opportunities, and other activities offered on campus. Students are also encouraged to take leadership in building the campus life they aspire to experience.

At our Telecom House location, an entire wing of the fourth floor is devoted to student life, including a student lounge, a large study area, a library, and rooms for social events and meetings of student organizations. A cafeteria on the sixth floor will offer meals and snacks throughout the day. Students will have opportunities to interact with the information technology (IT) professionals working at companies throughout Telecom House. They can find additional opportunities, such as internships, through our established partnerships with local and regional enterprises. CMU-R students will also have the opportunity to be a part of kLab, located on sixth floor as well, which is an open space for IT entrepreneurs to collaborate and innovate.

Watch our video below to learn more about student life at Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda.

Here is another general video about CMU-R.

We would like to help our students enhance their student life by providing recommended housing options as well as general information about activities around the CMU-R facility. Please find an extensive list below that provides you with information on accommodation, restaurants, sports facilities, recreational activities and emergency information.

Accommodation near CMU-R

CMU-R has compiled a list of housing facilities nearby that are comfortable and affordable. Download the list here.

Recreational Activities

  • Mamba Club, located in nearby Kimihurura, has a bowling alley, swimming pool, and offers volleyball and yoga classes as well.
  • Ishyo Arts Center is a successful non-profit cultural center in walking distance from CMU-R which focuses on promoting Rwandan culture and exposing the community to new musicians, dancers, actors, and other artists from around the world.
  • Sole Luna hosts Quiz Night every Monday.
  • Shooters Lounge, in walking distance from CMU-R, hosts Spoken Word the last Wednesday of every month.
  • Heaven Restaurant has Movie Night every Saturday.
  • CineStar Cinema in Nyamirambo is a great venue where you can book the theater, bring your own movie and enjoy the cinema experience in the company of your friends.
  • LivingInKigali is a website that provides interesting information about things to do and places to go in Kigali.

Restaurants near CMU-R

  • Kabana Club is about a 5 minute walk from CMU-R. It has been rated as The Best Brick Oven Pizza in town for many years. For more information, please call 0788352766. 
  • Karisimbi Restaurant is located in Kacyiru and is well known for good Rwandan and continental cuisine. For more information, please call 0788517073.
  • Shokola Lite is a cafe and a restaurant located in Kacyiru opposite Top Tower Hotel. Shokola Lite is an amazing place with charming décor. It is an intricate fusion of African and Mediterranean flavors, textures, sights, sounds and aromas. For more information, please call 0788350530.
  • Magda Cafe is located in Kacyiru right opposite the Top Tower Hotel. You can enjoy coffee and a light meal at an affordable price.

Sports Facilities near CMU-R

Umubano Hotel is the closest gym/sports facility to CMU-R. They have a standard gym with a swimming pool, tennis and volleyball courts.

Medical Facilities

  • The U.S. Embassy has an extensive list of medical facilities in Rwanda including hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. Please visit their website to view this list.
  • King Faisal Hospital is the closest medical facility to CMU-R. King Faisal Hospital has 24-hour assistance with physicians and nurses on duty in their emergency room. For more information on King Faisal Hospital, please call one of the following numbers:
  • 252 588 888
  • 252 589 905
  • 252 587 777
  • 078 830 9002

Emergency Information

If you have an emergency situation, please contact Rwanda Police by dialing 112 from your mobile phone.

Additional Information Resources

Kigali Life is an online forum where users can exchange useful information about living in Kigali including vacant housing, items for sale, and recreational activities.