Safety and Security-Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda - Carnegie Mellon University

Safety and Security

On-Site Emergencies

CMU-R has 24-hour security provided by Intersec Security Rwanda. One security guard is present at all times. If you have a problem that requires immediate attention, please contact the security guard on duty. If you have a security incident to report, please submit a written statement to the Director of Business Strategy and Operations, Crystal Rugege, at

If you are in an emergency situation such as a fire, assault, feel physically endangered, or are witnessing a crime, you should call Rwanda Police at the following toll free numbers:

General Emergency- 112
Gender Based Violence- 3512

CMU Alert Emergency Notification Service

All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to register for the CMU-R Alert Emergency Notification Service, which sends text messages and emails to registered phones and email accounts in the event of a campus emergency. Registrants will be contacted by the CMU Alert system only if there is a campus emergency or during tests of the system.