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Executive Education

Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda (CMU-R) has launched an Executive Education series with courses offered throughout the year. These courses will challenge participants to examine key topics and strategies in the dynamic ICT industry within the African context. Targeted for both executives and mid-career professionals with a strong background in technology. The courses are tailored to strengthen careers in leadership and innovation.

Application Requirements:

  1. Download and complete the application form.
  2. Send completed application form and a current CV to: ExecEd@rwanda.cmu.edu.

Tuition fee per course is $995 USD. Payments must be completed by the first day of class.

The following courses will be offered:

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Process (DRP) Planning

27th - 30th May 2013

S. Zain Khan, CMC Management Consultant & President Alliances Consulting Group Inc. Rwanda

Dr. Hedda R. Schmidtke, Professor Mobile Applications, CMU Rwanda

Martin Saint (Doctoral Student), Security Specialist and Teaching Staff, CMU-R

Johnson Nkurunziza, Senior IT Manager, CMU-R

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation are foundational and umbilically connected elements of the process to protect critical corporate data and resources. The challenge that faces organizations is the need to understand the nuances of these two foundational strategies and at the same time strike a balance between the level of business risk they can tolerate and the cost of perfect data security to minimize exposure.

Historically business strategy for risk aversion and data protection has included statements that businesses cannot afford to lose any data and cannot tolerate any downtime. But protection on that scale is could become cost-prohibitive and strategies in that context possibly overzealous.  A more realistic scenario is that it is unlikely that all business applications are equally mission-critical and all systems and networks are equally vital.  This is a subject of Business Continuity metrics such as Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).  Download Course brochure

Introduction to the Strategic Use of Digital Information in Enterprises

4th - 6th June 2013

Professor Michel Bézy, Associate Director CMU-R

An unprecedented access to real-time and unfiltered world information is providing enterprises with new strategic information assets. The ability to pull value from this data is a crucial competitive differentiator. The challenge is to turn this massive amount and continuous stream of data and information into knowledge and insights in real-time to provide actionable information to assist decision makers in enterprises.

This course will allow participants to become familiar with the new generation of information technology(Social networks, cloud computing, mobile device, big data, open data, etc). Download Course brochure