Useful Links

The following links contain general information about RSI, prevention information, and personal stories of people who are dealing with RSI in their lives. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list; rather, it provides some leads for people who want more information about prevention or are beginning their efforts toward recovery.

The Typing Injury FAQ Archive has a lot of information on equipment, therapies and software, and an overview of the physiology of RSI. This impressive site provides many more links to RSI-related sites.

Yahoo's RSI site provides links to pages dedicated to all aspects of RSI. Many of the sites include video and pictures.

The Occupational Safety and Health Adminstration (OSHA) WWW page provides information on ergonomic workstations and programs. It also includes information for setting up an effective ergonomics program in your workplace.  Further, the site includes OSHA publications and articles about ergonomics, highlights from a national conference on ergonomics, and information on corporate-wide settlement agreements involving ergonomic issues.

SoreHands is a San Francisco-based listserv mailing for people with RSI. The listserv contains personal stories and advice. Subscribe by sending e-mail with any relevant subject to:
The message body should read: subscribe sorehand Your Name

For the latest news, products, regulations and links to government, labor and ergonomics Internet sites, visit CTD News on the Web.