Storage & Backup Solutions-Data Management Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Storage & Backup Solutions

CMU Computing Services offers faculty, staff, and students a number of data storage and backup solutions. In addition, storage and backup solutions for large datasets (>10TB) are available on a pay-per-use basis through the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.

Computing Services Solutions:

  • Disk Quota - 2GB of storage space to all faculty, staff, and students through the Andrew File System (AFS)
  • Project Volumes - Allow expansion of storage beyond the standard AFS Disk Quota. Project Volumes expire after one year, though users may apply for an extension
  • Access Control (PTS Groups) - Both the AFS Disk Quota and Project Volumes have functionality for sharing your data with other AFS users and for placing access controls on some of your data by setting up Protection Groups (PTS Groups)
  • Box Cloud Storage - 50GB of storage space. Useful for storage and sharing, the Box account allows sharing the storage space with multiple users and provies basic access control functionality

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Solutions:

  • PSC Data Supercell - Storage for very large datasets (larger than 10TB) on a pay-per-use basis

In addition, you can contact your local IT group to discuss what types of service they offer for storage and backup.