Training-Office of Research Integrity and Compliance - Carnegie Mellon University


All personnel involved in Human Subjects Research that is under the purview of the CMU IRB must demonstrate completion of an education program on the use of human participants in research.  In recent years, CMU used an NIH online course for education.  In the fall of 2009, we began using an online training program through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI).   One advantage of this program is that it includes material for both social and behavioral researchers and biomedical researchers.

As of February 1, 2010, anyone from CMU who has not completed human subjects training and will be involved in human subjects research must complete a CITI course rather than the NIH course.  People who have previously completed the NIH training do not need to complete the CITI training.

To complete the required education go to CITI's website.

  • Select Carnegie Mellon University as your "participating institution" and create an account.
  • When you have created an account you will be directed to a page titled "Select Curriculum" which displays a list of courses on Human Subjects Research: Biomedical Research Investigators; Social & Behavioral Investigators, and IRB Members. Choose the human subject research module most appropriate to the type of research you conduct. 
  • The course may take a few hours to complete but can be done over a period of time.When you complete the course, CITI will e-mail your completion record to the CMU IRB.

If you have completed CITI training for another organization, add CMU to your profile.  You will be given credit for your previous courses to the extent they overlap with CMU's requirements, however, additional modules may need to be completed.