Master of Urban Design-Remaking Cities Institute - Carnegie Mellon University

Master of Urban Design Program

The 12-month Master of Urban Design program prepares graduates for careers using design to critically address environmental, economic, social and cultural issues affecting the contemporary metropolis. Studios explore strategies for sustainable development in a variety of settings including the shrinking postindustrial city, the suburban periphery and the rapidly urbanizing region. Pittsburgh-based studios emphasize citizen engagement and participatory design, exploring problems of urban neighborhood revitalization, infrastructure development and suburban transformation, in partnership with the Remaking Cities Institute.

Fall studios provide an opportunity for students to design at the neighborhood scale working directly with community residents and organizations, while spring studios explore larger-scale sustainable urban systems through collaborations with engineering and public policy students. The capstone studio, which includes a research trip, explores issues of sustainability in the context of an international city undergoing growth. The studio sequence is supported by core courses in urban history and theory, geographic analysis, sustainable community development and real estate.

Selective courses allow students to explore their own interests thorough a broad range of approved courses in urban history, theory, public policy, engineering development, and community design.

Graduate Study, School of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University