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Technology Implementation Studies

The ultimate goal of the QoLT Center is to develop and disseminate technologies that improve the quality of life of older individuals and those with disabilities. An important step in achieving this goal is develop an evidence base to demonstrate the efficacy and cost-effectivness of technology products developed by the ERC.  This project is a critical step in developing that evidence base.

As our technologies mature, it will be necessary to shift our focus from development to implementation.  Our goal for the next five years is to implement promising technologies developed by the Center that have the potential for widespread application. The goals of implementation research are to address and fine-tune system-user fit issues, establish an evidence base that can inform policy makers, and carry out cost-benefit analysis needed to develop business plans for these technologies.

Our goal is to select promising technologies developed by the Center that have the potential for widespread application and have reached a stage of development where they can be evaluated in vivo using methods advocated above.  This strategy builds upon and complements the work of the Center to date, which has focused on the design and development of technology informed by end-user, clinician, and policy maker input.  We are now staged to evaluate technologies we have developed on broader scale by conducting implementation studies for selected technologies.  For the selected technologies, we will:

  1. Develop and implement evaluation strategies in settings where the technology is to be used and with appropriately targeted end-user
  2. Involve a service provider or industry partner in the design and implementation of the study
  3. Address each of the barriers and constraints identified above
  4. Generate an evidence base that will inform policy and promote the wide scale adoption of the technology.

Project Team

  • Richard Schulz, Lead
  • Scott Beach
  • Julie Downs
  • Judy Matthews
  • Donald Musa
  • Melissa Tabbarah

Factors influencing technology uptake

Technology implementation figure[click on image to enlarge]